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I am an amateur wine buff living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  With our state-controlled liquor system it is not possible to get good advice in the stores.  I rely mainly on the few posted professional views, but also on tastings, friends’ recommendations and articles I’ve read.  I decided to publish reviews of the wines I’ve tried, together with any professional reviews that I can find, to help others find wines they’d like.  I would love to hear your impressions and recommendations.

My real job is as an ophthalmologist, specializing in cornea, cataract and refractive surgery.  My professional web site is www.drarffa.com.

8 Responses to About Bob

  1. Sally Roenisch says:

    Why did I just pay 17.59 in Calgary, we Canadians get robbed! I do
    Love this wine!

  2. Jim Veliky says:

    Thanks for the wine review Bob.Please sign me up for your newsletterThe website/blog looks great.

    Jim Veliky

  3. George & Renee says:

    Hi Bob,

    It was a pleasure to meet you last night. I’m lucky that after those high octane beers I remembered your website! Renee & I are going to seek out some of these wines you’ve recommended. Thanks!


    • Bob Arffa says:

      Thanks. I enjoyed meeting both of you as well. I didn’t realize how strong those beers were- Iwas surprised how much I felt it after only 3.

  4. Charles Tarnoff says:

    I took your suggestions and visited our upscale State Store yesterday. I bought many of the wines you recommended. Can’t wait to open and try!
    Best Wishes for a happy holiday.
    Charles Tarnoff OD

  5. Mike Talone says:

    Great blog/website Bob. Thanks

  6. Fred Carlin says:

    thanks Bob

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